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Lantau Island

Sign at pier 6
[2015/09/11] Lantau Island. That was our last big destination. We went there to see the big buddha and to ride the cable car, but unfortunately the cable car was out of service (until sept 23). We went to pier 6 in Central to catch the boat to Mui Wo (HKD 25 for a deluxe ticket, room with an airconditioner).

Lantau Island

The boat
This was the boat to Mui Wo on Lantau Island. It took a little bit less than an hour to get there.

This was the first thing we saw when we got to Mui Wo, thousands and thousands of bicycles.

We took a bus from Mui Wo to the top of the mountain. It took around 45 minutes and the fare was HKD 17.5 per person.

Almost the top
Ok, not really at the top, but almost.

The guy!
Here we have the big buddha. He just sat there on top of the hill watching over the area like a boss.

Free roaming dogs
It was quite hot, even the dogs were tired from the head. An old lady the gave them water melon and claimed that they loved to have their photos taken. They didn't seem to care at all that we were there though.

Do dogs eat water melon?!

That stare!
You are usually not allowed to take pictures inside temples, but I didn't see any signs so...

It felt like this dude was staring into the darkest corners of my soul.

Watching over the temple
Here you can see the big man doing his job. He has full control over the situation from the top of the hill.

Or has he?

Souvenir shop street
Another name for the Big Buddha is the Tian Tan Buddha and is the only of the five big buddhas in China to face north (the others face south). Which also means that he can't watch over the souvenir shop street. Well, I guess you can't expect everything from one guy. He was doing a good job though, I felt calm and slightly at peace.

Not so genki
One who didn't feel at peace though was the guy on the logo for the sushi place behind the bus. The sign means something like Happy Sushi. Should be called Pissed As &ℜ‰! Sushi instead.

Last shot from the tram
We were reaching the end of the trip. This was the last tram ride and it was back to the hotel for a last nights sleep in Hong Kong. It was a nice experience and in many ways it was nostalgic for me since of my trips to mainland China.

Mui Wo, Lantau Island

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