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Hong Kong Island

Bruce Lee
[2015/09/10] Hong Kong Island. Today we wanted to do some sightseeing mainly by tram. You can take the tram from Kennedy Town in the west all the way to Shau Kei Wan in the east. We also wanted to get up on Victoria's Peak, which is one of the highest points in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Island

Down town Hong Kong
So, we got on the tram and started moving east. The tram is a great way to experience down town and it's unique buildings, only for HKD 2.3 per person!

Bamboo scaffolding
I've seen a lot of this in mainland China, but I didn't expect to see it in Hong Kong. After doing some research, bamboo seems to be much more sturdy than what I first thought. It's difficult to catch fire, being soft it moves well with the wind and since it's a lot lighter than metal it's easier to assemble and disassemble.

Old building in the outskirts
We got off somewhere around Sai Wan Ho, and the atmosphere was completely different. Almost no tourists, no fancy buildings, everything was older and slightly faded. This is what I often saw when I was in mainland China and it brought back memories.

Modern Hong Kong in the background
Here you can see modern Hong Kong in the background, a huge contrast which I recommend all travelers to Hong Kong to experience.

Back to the future
This building really caught my interest. An old building with a futuristic design, reminded me a little bit of that abandoned amusement park in Taiwan.

Tools shop
An old tools shop. I wonder if there is anything they don't sell...

The Lippo building
Coming back to the down town area, I found this very interesting building (Lippo). The only thing I could think about was if the design was as crazy on the inside.

Narrow alley
I thought most buildings were somewhat connected to each other, but alleys like this were between most of them. And it's almost impossible to walk through them.

The corner windows though...
We got off in down town and started walking toward the Peak Tram. Only after a few minutes this thing appeared. The corner windows make the building look awkward but beautiful at the same time. The architecture in Hong Kong has really surprised me.

View from the peak
We got up on the peak and on top of the Peak Terrace. The view was great, but you couldn't really see that far. Is that smog by the way?

Since Hong Kong is located by the sea, I thought the air would be quite clear. Maybe it's just fog.

Old and new, again
On our way back to the hotel, I was searching the area for interesting night views. Here is another old vs. new scene.

I thought I was in Hong Kong
This sign was in front of Uniqlo, a Japanese apparel shop. Åland is an island between Sweden and Finland. I don't know where I am anymore, haha.

Bus lane
We were getting close to the final tram stop but the city was still busy.

Final stop
We had to get off here and walk the rest. It was only a 10 minutes walk but we were quite exhausted after a hectic day.

Crying angel

On the way back we passed a cemetery. It was very powerful seeing such a peaceful place with the city in the background!

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