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To Kowloon

View over Kowloon
[2015/09/09] Today was Kowloon day. We had some bread at the hotel (since we didn't pay for breakfast, and additional HKD 160) and then we took off to Central and pier 7 to catch the Star Ferry to Kowloon. After some arguing with the taxi driver since we were told to go to Wan Chai to catch a boat, he decided for us that we should go from Central since the scenery is better, so that's what we did.

To Kowloon

Ticket vending machine
6 bucks for three adults?! A coke at the convenience store costs more than that!
After a not so long discussion whether it was expensive or not, we decided not to swim and pay the very (not) expensive fare.

Old and new seen from "The One"
Ok, so Kowloon is famous for it's mix of old and new buildings since after World War II Kowloon mostly was slum and a place for refugees from mainland China, which is not the case anymore. We went up in a twenty something floors shopping center called "The One" and I could see the difference between old and new.

Old and new from the street
Another example of Kowloon's history. This was the last photo I took before realizing that I had no more storage space. Luckily, there was a camera store around the corner so I could get another SD card.

Hong Kong Fur
This place looks almost as old as my entire ancestry. I wonder if the business is good.

Garbage ship
I got laughed at for shooting a garbage ship. But the ship passed through the main canal between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Don't you think that is a little bit wierd?!

Traditional style... motorboat...
After walking around Kowloon for some time, we went back to the pier area and found Avenue of Stars, (the HK version of Hollywoods Walk of Fame).

Then I saw this beauty! With red sails and something that looked like a housing area, only to realized it was a motorboat... Anyway, the boat gave a nice traditional touch to an otherwise very modern city.
I like Chinese and Hong Kong cinema, so the Avenue of Stars was very enjoyable. And of course it had my favourite, Jet Li!

The legend!
The Avenue of Stars wouldn't be anything without the legend, Bruce Lee! This statue was by far the most popular thing on the Avenue of Stars.

Symphony of Light
Symphony of Lights, a must-see considered by many. Back at the Kowloon pier we found advertisements about ferry tours and one of them included the Symphony of Lights. Good idea, we thought, so we got three tickets (HKD 187 per head) and got on the ferry. For some reason I thought it would include fireworks, so I was a little bit disappointed. It was pretty nice though, buildings lit up in sync with music and since we were on a ferry it felt like we had VIP seats.

View from the ferry
I never figured out what this building was, but it looks like the designer borrowed some from the opera house in Sydney.

Railway clock tower and HK cultural centre
Almost at the end of the tour. On the left is the old Railway Clock Tower, and the big chunk of concrete on the right side is the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, which looked a lot worse during the day, haha.

Avenue of Stars

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