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First Night

First Night
[2015/09/08] First night in Hong Kong. We went to the airport in Okinawa in the afternoon and arrived in Hong Kong just after dark. The flight(Dragonair) took around 2 hours and 30 minutes, being 10 minutes early. First we had to find a convenient way to the hotel so we can check in. After taking the AEL (Airport Express Line) to Central we went to the shuttle bus counter but we had to wait for 40 minutes so we took a taxi instead. The AEL was HKD 100 per adult, but since we were a group of three we got some discount. The taxi fare was around HKD 40.

First Night

First Night
On the way to the hotel. I felt a little bit sluggish after the flight but the taxi driver drove like a car thief so I was full of spirit (and slightly scared to death) when we got to the hotel.

Cosmopolitan Hotel
The Cosmopolitan Hotel sign. We had a couple of free nights from the hotel booking website the we often use but the standard price was around 1,000 HKD per night. Not bad for a 4 star hotel we thought.

My Room
This is my room. It also had a large flat screen TV and a glassed in shower, but no bathtub.

But the best thing was...
Cell phone provided by the hotel
THIS! That orange thing is a smartphone provided by the hotel. A very convenient thing for foreigners without any sort of international plan for their normal cellphone. It ran a software solely for tourists in Hong Kong and it was filled with goodies like maps, free calls locally and to eight other countries, as well as information about many touristic spots in Hong Kong.

But the best thing was the WiFi Hotspot service. The phone could serve as a WiFi access point so I could have internet on my phone wherever I went!

After checking in then we went out to get some snacks and breakfast for the next day.
Oh my...
What the... I'm quite sure they would have to close within a month if they decided to open up a store in the west...

>> Click here for about Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong.
Check-in: From 14:00
Check-out: Until 12:00
WiFi: Yes (Free for one device per room)
Parking: Private parking on site (HKD 500, reservation needed)
Pets: Not allowed

Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong

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