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Tumon, Guam

Tumon Guam, USA.
[1994] Tumon, Guam.
Popular among Japanese people, Guam has quite a few enormous resort hotels. The hotels provide with a lot of services and you can have a great vacation even without leaving the hotel area.

Tumon, Guam

Naha to Guam.
1994, Summer. I read about Guam in a local Okinawan magazine, "Tabijin". It was a cloudy day, I got on a Continental Airlines flight at Naha airport and flew to Guam.

There were some local airline companies going to Guam, but their flights were unreliable and were often canceled. Since the U.S. military were both in Okinawa and Guan, Continental Airlines felt like the safest choice.

There were a lot of military personel on the same flight as me.

Naha land view from the airplane.
▲1994 southern Okinawa, around Itoman, taken from the airplane.

Guam land view from the airplane.
▲1994, Guam, taken from the airplane.
Even from this far away the two places look totally different.

Guam International Airport was only 2 km away from Tumon, almost next doors.

So I took a taxi to the hotel, haha.

Tumon city view.
Pale San Vitores Rd.
Hyatt Regency Hotel Guam was the first resort hotel in the area. Just around the corner was one of the world's first duty free store, DFS Galleria Guam.

Tumon city view.
Tumon city view.
Pale San Vitores Rd. continues right from here. From here almost all shops had signs written in Japanese.

Tempura, oden, yakiniku, oden, zarusoba etc....... as well as....... Guns, erotic magazines... I knew before coming that there were a lot of Japanese tourists in Guam...

...but this doesn't feel like Guam at all!

Tumon city view.
Tumon city view.
I walked around Tumon until the evening feeling a little bit embarassed, then I headed back to the "Japanese Street". I saw a sign that said "Fisan Vietnamese" and thought, "this has to be a bar".

Tumon city view.
I felt like having a drink, and I was able to get a drink there, even though it was a little bit suspicious.
Anyway, I got my drink...

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Tamuning, Guam map.

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