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What kind of place is Dubai?

Burj Khalifa and the Dubai mall.
[2014/03] "Burj Khalifa" is the highest building in the world(828m) at the time of the May 2014, and able to go up observatory called "at-the-top" (about 442m height) at 124 floor (fee required).
During our stay, we tryed to take the photo of full appearance of Burj Khalifa, we could not make it because it is too big. when we try to take from far away, other buildings are getting the way, and when we try to take from nearby, It does not fit in the field of view.

What kind of place is Dubai?

Dubai desert safari tour
Dubai desert safari tour.
You can enjoy the thrill as riding a roller coaster.
No,it is not.
In the case of the rollercoaster, the safety is ensured highly by computer, but this tour is with 4WD which is driven by Human Being, so the safe level might be lower. In addition, the fear is ending in about five minutes if the roller coaster, but this drive lasts 30 minutes or more.
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Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro
9th September 2009 opened.
Dubai Metro is the world's longest railway unattended full automatic operation, at the time of the May 2014,
It consists of "Red line" and "Green line", Red line runs southwest from near Dubai International Airport, and Green Line was opened with a delay of two years from the Red Line.
Stations trains and all facilities are modern, cool, kept clean.
Dubai Metro is one of my purpose of this trip.
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The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall.
30th Oct 2008, The Dubai Mall was opend as the largest shopping mall in the world.
the world's largest indoor ski slope, the world's largest 22 movie theater facilities, the world's largest aquarium, An indoor ice skating rink, 1,200 tenants and facilities....
The Dubai mall is the very popular spot for tourists also locals.
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Emirates Airline
Inside of Emirates Airlines.
Emirates is the airline company hub at Dubai International Airport in UAE, which get the award of "World's best Airline in 2013" then it became the best airline of the world.
Enhancement of in-flight entertainment called "ice", Implementation of the "OnAir Wi-Fi service(Fee required)", Enhancement of Hospitality, Such as the convenience of roll up all over the world,
...this airline attract a lot of attention.
It might be good's can accommodate the diversity of passenger crew be adopted from all over the world.
The staff working in the Emirates is referred to as "Emirater".
Also boarding Emirates is one of my purpose.
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[About Dubai]
Dubai is the one of the emirate in UAE(United Arab Emirates) which is formed in 1971. The UAE federal state consisting of the seven emirates, Abu Dhabi accounted for the most part of the country. Area of Dubai Emirate is 2nd.

In the Economic aspect, Fishing and Pearling and Transit trade are the major industry of Dubai up to 1920 which was immature.
Aspect is varies the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is successful in oil production around 1970.
The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is successful in oil production in the 1970s, Economic situation of Dubai turn around to great success.
Diversification of industry is promoted as a source of economic policy chief Rashid guidance in the 1980s.
Dubai has now led enjoyed global success in fields such as financial, distribution, tourism.

By the way UAE is composed of the following Emirates.
Abu Dhabi
Dubai Emirate
Sharjah Emirate
Ajman Emirate
Umm al-Kaiwain Emirates
Fujairah Emirate
Ras Al Khaimah emirate

Map of Dubai.

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